100% Squeezed Orange Juice

If you love orange juice, Zü makes it easy! Made with the juice of 24 squeezed oranges, with or without pulp. The ideal juice for all the family. It is also a natural source of vitamin C.

Néctares familiares

Family Nectars

Enjoy your favourite fruit in a smoother way. Zü orange, pineapple and multi-fruit nectars are the best choice for those seeking an alternative, lighter taste.


Special Zümería

Zü gives you the opportunity to enjoy the flavour of the best fruit, with a unique flavour or in rich combinations of fresh fruit and served in a practical container.

Organic Zümería

La Zümería Organic is made exclusively with organically-farmed fruit and a special selection of fruit from our own crops.



Your most natural choice for loading up with energy and vitality. With Guarana extract.

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Fruit + Milk

Discover the true pleasure of our new juices with milk for all the family. The only juices with 50% fruit!

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100% Squeezed Tomato


The no added sugar.
A whole range of nectars with all the best of fruit and no added sugar.


More than water

This Zü range is much more than water. It is a perfect combination between sea water properties and the best of fruit.



Chilled 100% Squeezed Orange Juice

Chilled juice, made with 24 oranges, with or without pulp. Ideal for all the family. It is also a natural source of vitamin C.



Delicious specialities in a practical 750ml container. Lemonade, grapefruit or berries, you’ll enjoy them all.

Cocktails sin Alcohol

Alcohol-free cocktails

The authentic taste of a rich cocktail made with 100% squeezed, alcohol-free fruit juice. Suitable for all ages!


Fruit & Vegs

Exquisit and original fruit & vegetables combination.


Cold pressed

Thanks to a process of pressing and cold-filling these juices keep all fruit properties.

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