Zü  gives you the opportunity to enjoy the exotic and different flavor of passion fruit, an exquisite and aromatic tropical fruit, with great properties.

Zü gives you all the pomegranate’s benefits. a fruit with high antioxidant values. Zü helps you to enjoy pomegranate every day.

Zü gives you the most exotic and original taste in the simplest way. Authentic mango to enjoy every day.

Zü is the best way to enjoy all the smooth and authentic flavor of the best melons.

Zü kiwi and lime is a delicious and refreshing blend made with 100% squeezed juice, which gives us a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Zü variety of Paraguayan and citronella is an exquisite and surprising combination of flavors you’ll love. Enjoy its unique and different flavor.    

Zü gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best pears grown in the country in a nectar format, sweet and light, with a smooth texture and an authentic flavour.

The combination of the most tropical fruit, pineapple with coconut, always ready to drink. Sweet, refreshing and delicious. Drink it very cold, alone or as a base for your favourite cocktails.

Zü combines the more traditional peach with red grapes, adding a touch of colour and an original flavour that will surprise you. 100% fruit.

Zü gives you the opportunity to enjoy banana in sweet nectar with a light, smooth texture and an authentic flavour! It will delight the youngest members of the house.